G.H. Mumm is one of the largest international champagne companies and the most successful brand on the French market. The G.H. Mumm logo, dubbed ‘the Cordon Rouge’, stands for pure luxury around the world and is known from countless awards ceremonies for Formula 1 and the racing world championships.

Every year between Christmas and New Year’s, the champagne company draws attention with its spectacular seasonal packaging in a very limited edition. During my work for Studio F. A. Porsche I had the job to create and invent an exclusive object for the winter season 2016 – an exciting task for me, since we had complete freedom to conceptualize and design it.

We chose a purist, elegant capsule made of tin, which serves both as packaging and as a cooler. The material references the classic champagne cooler, but in terms of form and function, it’s minimalist and modern.

While our approach is to typically transform an object’s function into a physical feature, this time we took the opposite approach. We transformed the otherwise purely decorative logo of the brand, the red sash, into an elegant opening for the cooler, thus giving it a function. A removable stainless steel base serves as a cooling element and keeps the beverage at the perfect drinking temperature. In addition, the interior of the capsule is lined with red Alcantara material to protect the bottle, which contrasts with the cool, sleek design of the exterior.

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