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Waking up together, seeing your partner first in the day, wishing each other a good morning - These are moments that create affection and trust with couples. But, unfortunately, lovers are often forced to lead a long distance relationship due to educational, professional or other life changes. During this period those emotional moments remain to fall by the wayside. 

The GOOMO app fills this gap and allows especially couples, despite separated beds, a common waking up. By means of GOOMO the partners are able to justive their common alarm at the desired dates. Once the GOOMO alarm sounds, a video conversation  will appear between the partners. That ensures, as useal, that when they will open their eyes, they will see the beloved face of the partner.
However, Goomo could not be only used by couples. The hard-working mom could witness the awakening of her child from work. She could give him a feeling of comfort and incidentally make sure that her child will really wake up and thus will not miss the school bus. Siblings that live sperated from ech other, best friends who are not so often allowed to stay together, grandparents and their grandchildren, people with a close relationship, they all could use GOOMO. 

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