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At big events like festivals or the Oktoberfest, people are getting injured every 10 minutes. Normally, security forces are the first that secure the injured person, call an ambulance and share their approximate location with them. Due to the huge crowd and the associated low visibility, the arriving emergency physicians have trouble finding the accident site immediately. Especially for people who are in a life threatening situation and who need lifesaving measures, delays are not acceptable.


Balloo helps in this situations - The product secures and also communicates the location of the accident site to the arriving doctors. Balloo is carried by the security staff and and can be triggered in case of emergency by pressing the safety button while pulling the lower part. In this context, a signal balloon will be filled with helium and raised to 3.5 metres height to be seen by the arriving helpers. In addition, an indirect light and a flashing high frequency LED causing some additional attention. Balloo projects a red laser circle around the injured person to subconsciously arouse the vigilance of other visitors. The product is based on the principle of a roly-poly toy in which a weight is installed in the lower part of Ballon to guarantee a save standing even on uneven terrain. Additionaly Balloo can be fixed by a integral elastic band directly to the victim.

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